CrowdstartCoin XSC Listed As Default Token In MyEtherWallet

Great news for all the developers who we’ve rewarded with XSC over the last few weeks! The first stage of our developer rewards program is humming along nicely and we’ve been distributing XSC to IOTA and Ethereum devs as fast as we can review contributions and send out the XSC tokens. The Ethereum network is a bit bogged down at the moment but we’re still submitting transactions and tokens are coming to everyone who’s requested them at this point. 

Also we have a quick technical update for you. In addition to being able to trade XSC on we’re now listed as a default token in  That means it’s no longer necessary to look up the contract specifics to get your Ethereum account prepared for receiving XSC. Just create a new account on myetherwallet and you’re ready to go. Crypto pros will also be aware that hardware wallets like ledger are compatible with myetherwallet. That means developers receiving XSC through the Crowdstart Capital developer incentives program can lock down their new tokens using the same trusted hardware as they use for Bitcoin or Ether.

We’ll be detailing a referral program soon so keep an eye out. If you know any other developers who are really advancing blockchain and decentralised ledger technology, make sure to reach out to us!

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