Acceleration Process

Crowdstart Capital CSC invests up to 750.000 EUR in blockchain-related startups mainly in the fields of:

  • Industry 4.0 (IoT, Automation, Supply Chain)
  • Energy (Solar, Wind)
  • Legal Tech (AI, Compliance)
  • Healthcare (Data Accessibility, Security)
  • Space (Earth Observation, Satellites)

The goal of the Crowdstart Capital acceleration process is to make startups exit-ready within a period of 6-12 months. The founder team is requested to agree upon a joint effort in aligning the startup’s product development with the requirements of the potential target company.

The  profound experience of the CSC team in mentoring and accelerating teams: (Founder Institute, Superdrive, etc.) provide a sound basis for an efficient and streamlined process.

The acceleration process comprises 5 stages

  • Selection & Investment – Based on industry criteria
  • Onboarding – Aligned with target company requirements
  • Product Development – Agile, close collaboration
  • Matching – The final reality check
  • Exit – A guided sales process

Depending on the startup’s preconditions and abilities, the CSC team provides expertise, resources and network benefits.

You can promote your startup in the “Promote-my-Project” area of the CSC Slack. This is the only way you can apply to CSC. We do not accept any application via email or any other communication channel.