CSC Token Sale Bounty Program

Crowdstart Capital is offering a bounty program to strengthen community participation and offer everyone an opportunity to play a role in the token sale. This means concretely that in the lead up to the Digital Token Sale, users can earn XSC tokens which will be distributed after the end of the token sale , i.e. after 28.02.2018 24:00 CET.

Total Bounty

The maximum bounty amount is 50.000.000 XSC tokens or 2% of the  maximum amount of tokens to be sold at the token sale. If the token sale does not sell out, participants will receive a bounty on 2% of the tokens actually sold.

Bounty Distribution and Economics

  • Each particular activity is awarded a proportion of the pool, and stakes are granted for each action within the activity.
  • At the end of the pre-sale, all the stakes are added up. Participants will be awarded a proportion of the available bounty for each particular activity, based on the relative number of stakes individuals have in a given pool.
  • No participant will receive more than 5% of the total pool of available bounty tokens under any circumstances.
  • Any type of fraud will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the bounty program.
  • All activities must be public and visible until at least 30.1.2018.


The available bounties will be spread over several areas of participation:

Blog / Website 40%
Email/Newsletter 10%
Twitter 40%
Linkedin Postings 10%


If the minimum for the CSC token sale is reached, 100.000.000 tokens will have been sold for a total of 1 million EUR. In this scenario the total bounty will be 2.000.000 tokens amounting to a market value at token sale of 20.000 EUR.

Based on the distribution in the table above, it follows that the total bounty available for twitter participants would be tokens in the value 8.000 EUR (assuming only the minimum amount of tokens are sold). The bounty under each category will be divided among the people who contributed to that category proportional to their contribution level (stakes).

If more than the minimum number of tokens are sold these figures will scale accordingly.

Blog Bounty

We plan on distributing a minimum of 800.000 tokens to the authors of blogs and news websites, however, each participant can receive a maximum of 10.000 tokens.


  • 1.000 characters or more without spaces
  • Include two links to
  • Unique content only

Blog posts will be divided into  three categories

1) Personal blogs receive 100 stakes
2) Mid-sized blogs receive 200 stakes
3) High-publicity articles receive 500 stakes

It is at our complete discretion which blogs or articles will receive what level of compensation. Once you have written your blog post, submit the URL via the following form. We encourage you to submit separate URLs for each blog post or article that you publish.

Email/Newsletter Subscription Bounty

We plan on distributing a total minimum of 200.000 tokens to subscribers of our newsletter, however, each participant can receive a maximum of 10.000 tokens.

It’s easy, just register for our newsletter via this link.

Each registrant for the newsletter will receive 50 stakes.

Twitter Bounty

We plan on distributing a total minimum of 800.000 tokens to twitter users, however each participant can receive 10.000 tokens maximum.

Individuals who follow us will receive stakes based on their number of followers:

  • 10 stakes for under 300 followers
  • 20 stakes for under 1.000 followers
  • 50 stakes for 1.000 or more followers

In addition, activity on twitter will generate the following stakes:

  • Comments (At least 30–40 characters) get 150 stakes
  • Retweet of any CSC post gets 200 stakes

You can register to participate with your Twitter account information here.

Please make sure to use the hash tag #CrowdstartCap with each tweet.

LinkedIn Bounty

We plan on distributing a minimum of 200.000 tokens to those posting links to CSC content via LinkedIn, however each participant can receive 10.000 tokens maximum.

  • Public LinkedIn posts  (At least 30–40 characters) will get 100 stakes

Please register your LinkedIn posts individually via the following link. Feel free to submit multiple posts here, just make sure that they include unique content linked to Crowdstart Capital.