What is Crowdstart Capital?

Crowdstart Capital is a Distributed Enterprise built on a strong community of Blockchain and AI developers and investors.

Crowdstart’s goal is to advance the Blockchain and AI ecosystem at-large by rewarding developers committing valuable code . Rewarding developers with XSC – Crowdstart’s tokens – is the equivalent to incentivizing core development for the Blockchain and AI ecosystem. This, in turn, drives the development of Blockchain and AI technology towards enterprise-readiness.

What is a Distributed Enterprise?

Crowdstart’s overall goal is to support the evolution of the Blockchain and AI technology ecosystem and direct this evolution toward the development of enterprise-ready tools. XSC tokens generated will be directly distributed to the active developer community laying the basis for a cryptoeconomic incentive scheme designed to support the further evolution of the Blockchain and AI ecosystem.

Developers committing code to key Blockchain and AI projects can opt-in to receive XSC tokens for every line of code that is accepted for their respective projects. Crowdstart has set up a smart-contract-based system to pay out tokens according to the accepted commits. Technologies to be supported by these incentives include the core protocols of leading blockchains, e.g. Ethereum, IOTA, Stellar, Monero, etc.

What is CrowdstartCoin XSC?

XSC is mined by the contribution to blockchain protocols, applications and theory. It represents the value that a token holder has created for the development of blockchain technology through technological advancement or actions inciting usage of blockchain products.

XSC is CrowdstartCoin’s ticker symbol at cryptoexchanges.

Who is eligible to receive CrowdstartCoins XSC?

Every developer who committed code to advance Blockchain and AI technology at-large, is eligible to receive XSC tokens.

How to request CrowdstartCoins XSC?

First of all: We will never ask you for your private key or seed! Never ever.

If anyone posing to be related to Crowdstart asks you for personal information or your private key, please report them to a moderator/admin or directly to us. We will do our best to have them blocked.

To receive your XSC take the following steps:

  1. Create a fresh Ethereum-wallet (recommended) or alternatively use an existing one.
  2. Grab the address of that account. (Public key, not private!)
  3. Enter your details into this form: Developer Incentive Program: Claim XSC Rewards
  4. There are many ways to see your token holdings. Any ERC20-compatible wallet will be able to display XSC. Additionally on Etherscan you can navigate to your own address to view your tokens. If you search for the address of the XSC-contract (0x0f513ffb4926ff82d7f60a05069047aca295c413) or look for CrowdstartCoin on Etherscan you will also be able to see your token distribution.
  5. Trade your XSC over Etherdelta or HODL.

Where can I trade CrowdstartCoin XSC?

CrowdstartCoins XSC are tradable at several cryptoexchanges. Find a list of thes exchanges here.

Where can I store and manage CrowdstartCoins XSC?

You can store and manage CrowdstartCoin in all ERC20-enabled wallets, such as  XSC Wallet (iOS and Android), Lykke Wallet, or MyEtherWallet.

Can I find CrowdstartCoin on Etherscan?

Yes, here is the Etherscan direct link to CrowdstartCoin: