The XSC token represents participation in Crowdstart and is a prerequisite for starting new projects. Crowdstart community members are rewarded with XSC for supporting the Blockchain and AI ecosystem.

Crowdstart’s goal is to advance the Blockchain and AI ecosystem at-large by rewarding developers committing valuable code .Rewarding developers with XSC – Crowdstart’s tokens – is the equivalent to incentivizing core development for the Blockchain and AI ecosystem. This, in turn, drives the development of Blockchain and AI technology towards enterprise-readiness.


In the first phase, we will distribute tokens to developers at conferences, events and hackathons. This activity will occur primarily in Europe and the distribution will be at the discretion of CSC. The goal of this phase is to get tokens into the hand of active developers and blockchain early adopters/enthusiasts.

Phase 2 – Smart-Contract-Based Token Distribution

Developers committing code to key blockchain projects can opt-in to receive XSC tokens for every line of code that is accepted for their respective projects. CSC will set up a smart-contract-based system that will pay out tokens according to the accepted commits. CSC will programmatically monitor the git repos of major projects.

Phase 3 – Liquid Feedback Mechanism 

In the third phase, members of the community will be able to suggest projects to be included in the incentive scheme, a model known as liquid feedback. Token-based ballots will be used to enable community voting and determine which blockchain projects should be included.

In this phase, we’ll also be rewarding developers to contribute to our code base. Essentially, over the course of the three phases of the incentive program it should morph from being a mostly manual process to a fully automated process.

Sample Industry Partners