Crowdstart Capital is a Distributed Organisation built on a strong community of Blockchain and AI developers. Crowdstart community members jointly evolve a decentralized software infrastructure by working on and investing in Blockchain and AI-based projects.

Crowdstart’s goal is to advance the Blockchain and AI ecosystem at-large by rewarding developers committing valuable code . Rewarding developers with CrowdstartCoins (Ticker: XSC), is the equivalent to incentivizing core development for the Blockchain ecosystem. This, in turn, drives the development of Blockchain and AI technology at-large towards enterprise-readiness.

XSC represents the participation in the Crowdstart distributed enterprise and is a prerequisite for starting new projects.


In the first phase, we  distribute CrowdstartCoins to developers at conferences, events and hackathons. This activity occurs primarily in Europe and the distribution is at the discretion of Crowdstart. The goal of this phase is to get tokens into the hand of active developers and Blockchain and AI early adopters/enthusiasts.

If you’re a developer who committed code to advance Blockchain and AI technology at-large, you’ll be eligible to receive CrowdstartCoins. You can request XSC by filling out this XSC Rewards form.

Phase 2 – Smart-Contract-Based Token Distribution

Developers committing code to key Blockchain and AI projects can opt-in to receive XSC for every line of code that is accepted for their respective projects. Crowdstart sets up a smart-contract-based system that pays out tokens according to the accepted commits. Crowdstart programmatically monitors the git repos of major projects.

Phase 3 – European Blockchain Association 

In the third phase, Crowdstart joins the European Blockchain Association EBA and donates XSC in order to incentivise members to actively participate in the DSAO.

In this phase, the EBA takes over the governance and decides on the distribution of its own XSC based on its governance principles and a derived list of to-be-rewarded activities.


The Crowdstart team – through its experience and partnership with Datarella GmbH – has been working in these areas with world leading companies and organisations, such as Siemens, Bosch, United Nations, Wirecard, DFID, and others. The Crowdstart team has successfully designed, developed and implemented blockchain projects for and together with clients since 2015.  Crowdstart will provide development and consulting services while giving everyone an opportunity to participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

Sample Industry Partners



XSC Trading On NEBULA Exchange

We’re happy to announce that you are able to trade CrowdstartCoin XSC on NEBULA Exchange starting today. Nebula comes with interesting features, such as a reputation system, multi-currency trading and a token review system. We wish you a happy XSC trading!