Crowdstart Capital (CSC) is a Blockchain Incentive Scheme that rewards contributions to the blockchain ecosystem.

CSC’s goal is to advance the Blockchain ecosystem at-large by rewarding developers committing valuable code . Rewarding developers with CrowdstartCoins (Ticker: XSC), is the equivalent to incentivizing core development for the Blockchain ecosystem. This, in turn, drives the development of Blockchain technology at-large towards enterprise-readiness.

Thus, CrowdstartCoin XSC is the blockchain ecosystem’s cryptocurrency.


In the first phase, we will distribute CrowdstartCoins to developers at conferences, events and hackathons. This activity will occur primarily in Europe and the distribution will be at the discretion of CSC. The goal of this phase is to get tokens into the hand of active developers and blockchain early adopters/enthusiasts.

If you’re a developer who committed code to advance Blockchain technology at-large, you’ll be eligible to receive CrowdstartCoins. You can request XSC by filling out this Developer Incentives Program: Claim XSC Rewards form.

Phase 2 – Smart-Contract-Based Token Distribution

Developers committing code to key blockchain projects can opt-in to receive CrowdstartCoins for every line of code that is accepted for their respective projects. CSC will set up a smart-contract-based system that will pay out tokens according to the accepted commits. CSC will programmatically monitor the git repos of major projects.

Phase 3 – European Blockchain Association 

In the third phase, Crowdstart Capital joins the European Blockchain Association EBA and donates CrowdstartCoins XSC in order to incentivise members to actively participate in the DSAO.

In this phase, the EBA takes over the governance and decides on the distribution of its XSC based on its governance principles and a derived list of to-be-rewarded activities.


Crowdstart Capital (CSC) is one of the first technology accelerators to offer its own ERC20 digital tokens – the CrowdstartCoin XSC. CSC’s overall goal is to support the evolution of the blockchain technology ecosystem and direct this evolution toward the development of enterprise-ready tools. CrowdstartCoins generated will be directly distributed to the active developer community laying the basis for a cryptoeconomic incentive scheme designed to support the further evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

Developers committing code to key blockchain projects can opt-in to receive CrowdstartCoins for every line of code that is accepted for their respective projects. CSC will set up a smart-contract-based system to pay out tokens according to the accepted commits. Technologies to be supported by these incentives include the core protocols of leading blockchains, e.g. Ethereum, IOTA, Monero, QTUM, EOS, etc.

In the scheme’s third phase, members of the community will be able to suggest projects to be rewarded with CrowdstartCoins. A liquid feedback model will be used to enable community voting and determine which blockchain projects should be included.

Beside this incentivization of blockchain resources and the allocation towards the core elements of the ecosystem itself, CSC aims to support specific blockchain- directed initiatives and startups through a startup acceleration process.

Accelerator Strategy and Target Industries

CSC targets blockchain-related projects mainly in the fields of:
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Industry 4.0
  • Healthcare
  • Mobility
  • Policy
  • Supply Chain

The CSC team – through its experience and partnership with Datarella GmbH – has been working in these areas with world leading companies and organisations, such as Siemens, Bosch, Daimler, United Nations, DFID, and others. The CSC team has successfully designed, developed and implemented blockchain projects for and together with clients since 2015.  CSC will provide development and consulting services while giving everyone an opportunity to participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

Beside the above mentioned project fields, CSC is dedicated to supporting blockchain-related innovation at its earliest stages, where we can create a manageable and efficient project workflow. It is also in these areas that we believe we make the most valuable impact by matching the startup’s abilities with the needs of incumbent industries. We  evaluate exceptional teams in terms of technological mastery, domain expertise, general management capabilities, and personal attributes. During  a 6-12 month acceleration process, we offer selected startups direct consulting and development resources to bridge the gap between concept and saleable product.

Acceleration Process

CSC does not provide startups with cash but rather with development and consulting services equivalent in value to the support alternatively provided through a traditional investment. The startup gets these consulting and development services without having to to sell ownership shares.

Sample Industry Partners



Startups seeking support from CSC should:

●  Work on a blockchain-related project in one of the above mentioned fields
●  Have the ability to develop a market-ready solution within 12 months
●  Be willing to adapt their offering to existing market needs
●  Be entrepreneurial to the max

Naturally, the above criteria are necessary but not necessarily sufficient for an acceleration agreement to take place. The vetting and due diligence process will be carefully executed according to the current market climate, mentoring capabilities available at CSC, fit to industrial use case, potential for further development in team etc.  


A New Model

Crowdstart Capital is not an investment fund but rather a technology accelerator directly supporting both product development and a path to exit via corporate acquisition. Most accelerators offer mentoring and help with establishing connections to VCs. The CSC difference is that we offer development and consulting services equivalent in value to the support alternatively provided through a traditional investment. This approach provides value and lowers risk across the board.

The tokenization of the startup acceleration process provides token holders the opportunity to profit should the value of XSC tokens increase when sold on open cryptocurrency markets.

For startups we offer a unique value proposition. CSC does not provide startups with cash. Instead we directly offer what startups need to succeed.  Concretely this means that the needed development resources will be provided for free and that the founders do not have to dilute their ownership stake. These CSC activities will be financed by the sale of tokens representing these services.

Due to our close relationship and years of experience serving the needs of incumbent industry, we are in a unique position to guide and form the startups in our acceleration pipeline to a smooth exit. Corporations looking to acquire blockchain technology appropriate to their business units and specific use cases need look no further.

A Unique Position with Potential

The team behind Crowdstart Capital, the founders of Datarella GmbH, Munich, is a leading solutions provider within the blockchain technology since 2015. Datarella has led blockchain projects to success for a multitude of companies within manufacturing, automotive, supply chain, insurance and humanitarian aid.

During the last several years of working on blockchain technology, Datarella has noticed a very strong trend among industries, the willingness and initiative is there for blockchain, but the knowledge and technology is missing. To fill this gap, and leapfrog on the enthusiasm seen among corporations and  individuals, Crowdstart Capital aims to support rising stars with a clear exit/acquisition strategy within blockchain technology.

Experienced Management & Advisory Team

The CSC team has a breadth of experience in entrepreneurship, private equity, technology and C-level management. There is however one common characteristic governing all decisions, a strong pragmatism and attention to market trends.

Working on implementing and developing the strategic reasoning in blockchain projects for the last couple of years has built a solid basis of understanding about blockchain field as well as in-depth knowledge of various use cases.

The advisory team includes legal experts, management from industry and scientific and technical advisors. They provide the managing team with an unparalleled knowledge basis and advice as well as contact to key persons.


CSC targets blockchain-related startups mainly in the fields of:

  • Industry 4.0 (IoT, Automation, Supply Chain)
  • Energy (Solar, Wind)
  • Legal Tech (AI, Compliance)
  • Healthcare (Data Accessibility, Security)
  • Space (Earth Observation, Satellites)

CSC Acceleration Process

The goal of the Crowdstart Capital acceleration process is to make startups exit-ready within a period of 6-12 months. The founder team is requested to agree upon a joint effort in aligning the startup’s product development with the requirements of the potential target company.

The profound experience of the CSC team in mentoring and accelerating teams: (Founder Institute, Superdrive, etc.) provide a sound basis for an efficient and streamlined process. The acceleration process comprises 5 stages

  • Selection & Investment – Based on industry criteria
  • Onboarding – Aligned with target company requirements
  • Product Development – Startups receive  250.000 EUR to 750.000 EUR worth of development and consulting services
  • Matching – The final reality check
  • Exit – A guided sales process

Depending on the startup’s preconditions and abilities, the CSC team provides expertise, resources and network benefits. A success fee will be charged as part of the corporate acquisition agreement

How to apply?

You can apply with Crowdstart Capital using this application form.

This is the only way you can apply to CSC. We do not accept any application via any other communication channel.



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